I've relocated the web site content to a new location, or domain. This, for a variety of reasons. New blood maybe the most refreshing one. Consolidating some stuff from two or more web sites into one is another reason. Yet another reason is it seems like the aguaguat.net domain has become bait of some kind for nefarious sources to fake register, try to hack at logins, shit like that. That can't be stopped of course, but at the same time signals that maybe it's time to move some things to a new shell in the proverbial shell game. Other thngs to be secured more logically and straightforwardly.

It's time to also focus acceptance of who is 'invited' to the site. This domain, as were the island adult themed sites before it (longtime users know what I'm talking about... islandflavors.com, islandadults.net), has been one of a personal offering to those who are inclined to like the content and have the intent to join in. Some have done so, and thanks for joining the naughty fun! Others, the majority, either come to look around with no intention, with no inclination, of doing anything but to 'see what they can see'. Get upset when they can't join because they don't meet the conditions/criteria, or are not willing to step up to the plate honestly and with integrity.

I share, in PRIVATE/SECRET group restriction, with others photos and videos of myself and my wife, nude, posing very erotically and revealing, engaging in sex with each other and others (her with other men). I share who we are, full faces and photo ID to 'authenticate'. You can find my profile on social media and see who we are in real life, interacting with our families and friends. I want the exact same level of sharing from those who access my site. NO LESS!

Some with whom I share don't care to weed thru the blog and just want to share pics and videos straight out. For that, a PRIVATE GALLERY. No tiered member/group access, no peripheral "other people" and "other sources" pics and videos. Just pics/videos of me and mine, and of those who share in close privacy. Separate login credentials and we're in the game.

So fuck that. New digs is my storage site for the stuff kept fairly restricted. Wordpress blog. I'm not inviting anyone to register and join. If you want to, check your bullshit at the door and, as they say, go big or go home. If you're inclined to like the real, for real, island based 'we're real people I'll prove it so long as you prove same' theme, then let's do this. If you're honestly not game, go away. If you're curious but not serious, go away. If your game is to try to bullshit your way into high enough status on the site to see who I and others are in real life, and our sexual activity, GO THE FUCK AWAY!